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"This show is not just a surprise, it’s a real treat... This audience loved it – I defy anyone not to."

CHRIS HOWES - Brook Theatre, Chatham

"from the beginning there were cheers and whooping in response to the playing and films. A great evening."  DEIRDRE CARTWRIGHT - Blow The Fuse

"Buster Plays Buster was simply one of those nights that will be remembered long after the last note was played. I don’t think anyone present could have anticipated being entertained with music of such quality and sensitivity that, at times, had the power to bring tears to the eyes... What a great evening of top class entertainment"

JAN STANYON - Eynsford Village Hall

"Funny. Breathtaking. Delightful."

DEAN CLOUGH - Halifax Festival

'Buster Plays Buster' was a magical evening. Buster Birch's score was meticulously crafted to fit with the film... A number of people commented on how much they had enjoyed the evening, including those who would not normally come to a jazz concert.


Buster Plays Buster is a show by London jazz drummer Buster Birch that debuted in March 2011 and involves The Buster Birch Quartet performing jazz standards live to the screening of a Buster Keaton classic silent movie. The music is arranged for the group, scored out and sync'd to the movie, but also features plenty of improvised solos from the musicians. This creates a cohesive work which merges the two art forms in to a unique experience for the audience. 

Buster has now completed two movie scores and has two 2hr shows available. The first show features the Keaton classic "Sherlock Jr" and an additional presentation "Tribute To The Greats" in which the group pays tribute to 9 of the jazz legends. The second show features the Keaton classic "Steamboat Bill Jr" and an additional presentation "The Life of Buster Keaton" which is accompanied by the group. 

Please email [email protected] for further details and enquiries. 

If you have been to see our show and wish to leave a comment please visit our Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/busterplaysbuster

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